Our Story

Global Grammas FamilyAuthor Catherine Wayne lives on the West Coast of Canada and is, among other things, a Gramma (not Grandmother or anything stuffy like that). Gramma Catherine’s writing partner is daughter Robyn Phaedra Mitchell who lives in the country of Iceland with her daughter Edda, who is the inspiration behind the Edda Melkorka children’s book series.

After Edda was born, Catherine and Robyn looked for ways to have a close relationship despite the 6000 km distance between Iceland and Canada. During Skype visits and long-distance telephone conversations, the two began collecting humorous and feel-good anecdotes based on raising real life kid Edda Melkorka, a special little girl in her own right.

Gramma Catherine and Robyn found that their stories about Edda’s life in Iceland contained universal topics and valuable life lessons relatable to kids and families from all over the world.

BookmakerIn 2014 they self-published their first book, “Too Many Pets: An Edda Melkorka Story About Lice,” based on a real-life incident when distraught Edda came home from school with some new “pets”. The book has been translated and is available in Icelandic.

In September 2015 their second book, “So Many Rainbows: An Edda Melkorka Story About Pride,” came out. Robyn and Edda live in the heart of Reykjavik where the annual Gay Pride Parade is a highly-anticipated and festive family event. When curious Edda noticed all the rainbow decorations, she started to question what it all stood for, and from there a book was born.

The third book in the Edda Melkorka series is currently under way and deals with kids who grow up in two houses with two different sets of rules to follow.

The Birth of a Blog
Like most Grammas, Catherine absolutely adores her granddaughter, and wants to have a profound effect on her life despite the miles between them. When phone calls, texting and snail-mail proved unfulfilling, Catherine created interactive games and activities to play with Edda over Skype and in person during visits. Catherine found that these heart-warming, wholesome activities not only enhanced the quality of communication between Gramma and her only grandkid, but helped strengthen the ties to Edda’s Canadian roots. The family friendly activities that help create memories to last a lifetime are described in her fun and inspiring Global Grammas Blog.

Edda_PetsMeet the Real Edda Melkorka
Edda Melkorka is a spirited 9-year-old girl with Canadian roots growing up in Reykjavik, Iceland. Edda is a special young lady who seems to understand the world around her at a level beyond her years. When given a choice what to do with book sale proceeds, Edda thought it would be nice to help other kids that don’t have ‘Grammas’ of their own. From her suggestion, the Global Grammas charitable foundation was born.

Edda has two families in Iceland and lives half-time with each. At her Dad‘s house there is Pabbi (Dad), Helena and Edda‘s two little sisters: Ásdís Katla and Bríet María. At her Mom‘s house, there is Mom (Robyn), Mick (Robyn‘s partner and Edda‘s Irish Leprechaun) and Brutus, the moody cat. In Canada when visiting with Gramma and Grampa, Edda enjoys adventures with her many cousins, aunts, uncles and Gramma’s cat, Uncle Puff.

Being a bilingual kid with two homes, Edda‘s life is full of adventures and learning.  At her young age she is well-travelled with over 50 international flights under her belt including trips to Canada, Ireland, Denmark, UK and the USA. Much like the character in the book, Edda is being raised with both European and American influences. She enjoys interacting and learning from kids and people from many different cultures.