Giving Back

Amy Cotton (L) Gifts-in-Kind Coordinator at Vancouver Covenant House and "Global Gramma" Catherine Wayne.

Amy Cotton Gifts-in-Kind Coordinator at Vancouver Covenant House & “Gramma” Catherine Wayne

Global Grammas Helps Vancouver’s Homeless Youth

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a Gramma! So we at Global Grammas cooperate with the Covenant House in Vancouver to assist the ‘forgotten grandchildren’ who either don’t have grandparents or whose grandparents are not able or willing to support them.

“Global Gramma” Catherine Wayne of BC Canada initiated a charitable foundation at the suggestion of her granddaughter Edda, who is the inspiration behind the Edda Melkorka book series. Edda, who was given a choice about what to do with book sale proceeds, wanted to help other kids who didn’t have “Grammas.”

With the Edda Melkorka book proceeds, Catherine creates ‘Home Start-Up Kits’ for Covenant House to distribute to homeless youth who are being transitioned to stable accommodation. Covenant House in Vancouver is an organization that helps youth who have fled physical, emotional or sexual abuse, been forced from their homes or have aged out of foster care.

Catherine delivered her first two kits to Covenant House in March with proceeds from “Too Many Pets” published in December 2014 and has already delivered several more since “So Many Rainbows” came out in September 2015.

Each Home Start-Up Kit includes essentials like pots, pans, dishes, linens and most importantly a personalized letter, “To Sweetie Love Gramma Letter NEW” letter which is full of love and friendly advice from ‘Gramma’ Catherine.

CH_supporter_Hrz_2PMSMark Savard of Covenant House says, “The youth that come to us have often become homeless through no fault of their own. They’re lacking role models and basic life skills that many of us take for granted. We equip them with training and help them transition to independent or assisted living. Being able to give them a Home Start-Up Kit from ‘Gramma’ to kick start their journey to independence is really something special.”

Work through the foundation encourages other ‘Grammas’ and ‘Grampas’, particularly those who are downsizing, to donate practical home and kitchen items to youth who would be grateful to receive them. For more information or to get involved please contact us.