So Many Rainbows

So Many RainbowsSo Many Rainbows: An Edda Melkorka Story About Pride
Illustrated by Cindy Strosser
September 2015, Ages 6-9
Hardcover: 978-1-4602-6812-4; Paperback: 978-1-4602-6813-1
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Edda Melkorka is a girl who wants to know everything about the world around her. One day she learns that her friend Siggi is going to something called the ‘Reykjavik Pride Parade’ where he’ll dress up like a rainbow and throw candies from a float.

Wanting to join in on the fun, Edda asks Mom if she can dress up like a rainbow and go the Pride Parade like Siggi. Mom agrees …but naturally curious Edda wants to know what this Pride Parade is all about …and why so many rainbows?

In a gentle and patient manner, Edda’s mom explains that rainbows are a symbol used all over the world by people who are simply proud of being themselves. Without the use of terms like ‘straight’ or ‘gay,’ Edda discovers by example many different types of family units including kids with two moms or two dads.

So Many Rainbows,” welcomes readers to share a young girl’s discovery of pride celebrations in Reykjavik and is an excellent tool for teaching respect, acceptance and understanding of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in an age-appropriate way.

Edda Melkorka and Brutus the CatMeet Edda Melkorka
Edda Melkorka is a curious eight-year old girl who wants to know everything about the world around her. Growing up in Iceland with Canadian roots, Edda speaks both Icelandic and English – but sometimes gets words mixed up. Edda has the best of both worlds! In Iceland she gets to swim in warm thermal pools and eat yummy sweets on Cream Puff Day …and when visiting Gramma Catherine in Canada she gets to drink root beer and read Archie comics.

Whether she’s searching for the meaning of rainbows or persuading mom for a new pet, Edda has a unique way of looking at the world and loads of family and friends to help along her journey of discovery.

Meet the real Edda and inspiration behind the Edda Melkorka book series.


“So Many Rainbows” is a perfect book for youngsters starting to explore the world around them. Disarmingly straightforward in its approach, its charm lies in helping us all to see – through the eyes of a young Canadian-Icelandic girl growing up in Reykjavik — that diversity is the norm and is something to be celebrated…that we all share as many commonalities as we do differences in life.  A powerful yet simple idea that children have no problem understanding.  I look forward to reading it to my nieces and nephews.

The Edda Melkorka Story project is a multi-generational, multi-cultural initiative that is also a wonderful example of innovative new cultural links being developed between Canada and Iceland. Hats off to Wayne, Mitchell and Edda Melkorka!

— Stewart Wheeler, Canadian Ambassador to Iceland