The Edda Melkorka books are a labor of love co-authored by mother-daughter writing team Catherine ‘Gramma’ Wayne and Robyn Phaedra Mitchell with illustrations by Cindy Strosser. The feel-good fiction stories gently tackle modern-day and sometimes socially sensitive issues through the curious and thoughtful eyes of eight-year old protagonist, Edda Melkorka.

Follow Edda’s adventures with family members and friends in her home of Iceland as she learns valuable life lessons and discovers her world with Brutus the cat at her side.

Written in a style that is honest, funny and educational, the books can be used as tools to open conversations with children on subjects that relate to their forming value system. Socially conscious topics are introduced in a way that kids aged 6-9 will ‘get’ – no matter what country they are from.

Meet Edda Melkorka
Edda Melkorka is a curious eight-year old girl who wants to know everything about the world around her. Growing up in Iceland with Canadian roots, Edda speaks both Icelandic and English – but sometimes gets words mixed up. Edda has the best of both worlds! In Iceland she gets to swim in warm thermal pools and eat yummy sweets on Cream Puff Day …and when visiting Gramma Catherine in Canada she gets to drink root beer and read Archie comics.

Whether she’s searching for the meaning of rainbows or persuading mom for a new pet, Edda has a unique way of looking at the world and loads of family and friends to help along her journey of discovery.

Book Series

So Many RainbowsToo Many PetsOf Mörg Gæludýr
So Many RainbowsToo Many PetsOMG

Meet the real Edda and inspiration behind the Edda Melkorka book series.