10 each year is not bad at all!

So…we have just boxed up four more Home Start Up Kits for Covenant House in Vancouver.  These are kits numbered 27, 28, 29, and 30! We are pretty proud of having managed to put together ten kits in each year Global Grammas has been in operation.

We sometimes receive inquiries from other Grammas wondering what they can do to help and we have come up with a short list of ideas for Grammas to stay active and involved with all those grandchildren who are without Grammas.

  • Home Start Up Kits for Covenant House.  These are fun to put together.  I shop at the Nicola Valley Health Care Auxiliary Thrift Store for things like comforters, blankets, towels, pots, pans and dishes.  Most small communities have at least one Thrift Store that is operated by volunteers with all the proceeds going to some worthy cause.  By shopping at the Thrift Store, I not only put together the kits for Covenant House but I also support the Nicola Valley Health Care Auxiliary in their good work in the community where I live.  Other necessary items come from department stores or dollar stores.
  • Elementary schools are always looking for “reading Grammas” to help kids with their reading.  This might be going to the same class every week to read a book to the class or it might be working one-on-one with a child who needs a little extra practice with reading.
  • Knitting toques and mittens for the homeless shelters.  Winter is a really awful time to be living on the street.  Lots of communities and/or churches run soup kitchens or overnight shelters but often these are closed in the daytime.  Its really nice to have a hat and mitts if you have to be outside all day in the cold and it is even better if these items come to you from a Gramma!
  • Knitting baby hats.  Most children’s hospitals have a program where newborns are given a hat just after birth to help keep them warm. There is even a Battered Baby Awareness campaign every year that is symbolized by baby hats.  Imagine how comforting it is for a terrified young couple to be handed their tiny new infant wearing a hat knitted by a Gramma.  Most small community hospitals collect knitted baby hats in September for delivery to the larger hospitals.
  • Volunteer.  There are many opportunities in every community for Grammas to help out.  The Thrift Stores are usually staffed by volunteers. The Red Cross Health Equipment Loan Program is staffed by volunteers.  The soup kitchens and shelters are staffed by volunteers.  Its pretty much guaranteed that if you are interested in something (anything) there is a group that needs your help.

We encourage all Grammas (and remember you don’t actually have to be a grandmother to be a Gramma) to look around their community and see how they can help.  Your help is ALWAYS welcome!!




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