Edda and pickles…

Edda was in Canada for a visit this summer.  She is almost twelve now and mostly interested in tween stuff.  Before she arrived I had a list of activities we could do together but planning for her visits is hardly ever useful.  As a pre-teen she tends to be unpredictable and often needs to be coaxed into something other than sitting in front of a screen.

I learned a lot from Edda this summer and I hope she learned a few things from me too.  For instance, I learned that there is a TV series out of Australia about teenage mermaids who learn to become girls and then must keep the mermaid thing secret all the while making sure to never get wet.  We watched a few episodes together and I must say that teen angst is rampant even with mermaids.

I also learned that quizzes in those teen magazines are still popular after all these years.  Only the language has changed.  For instance instead of taking a quiz to find out if you and your “best friend” are compatible, now you see if you and your “bestie” are compatible.  Turns out Edda and I could be best friends…or besties.  It also turns out that neither one of us particularly cares what kind of boy would make the best mate.  I already have my best mate, of course, and Edda is just not there yet…whew!

It’s funny seeing the difference between girls of Edda’s age raised in Canada and those raised in Iceland.  I think that Icelandic girls get to be children for longer.  Edda’s Canadian cousins are all about boys and clothes and makeup and while Edda certainly likes shopping for clothes and having her makeup done, those things are just not that important overall.  Edda likes swimming and being outside and horseback riding.

Last summer, Edda’s Icelandic Amma and Afi got her to horse camp every day for a whole week and she learned to ride Icelandic ponies so I contacted a friend here in town who has horses and we took Edda out to meet some Canadian horses.  She was a bit reluctant to get into the saddle because Canadian horses are much bigger than Icelandic ponies, but she did get up and my friend, Irma, who is an accomplished horsewoman, had her riding around on Rocky in no time.  Edda had a great time and I got to see that she is capable on a horse.  It was a good thing for me to see because I am not a horse person and was pretty leery of the whole adventure.

Anyway, one of the activities with Edda was making pickles.  It’s lovely now that she is old enough to know how to be safe around the stove.  We made dill pickles using cucumbers and dill from the garden so she got to try the whole canning process from picking to processing.  She is not particularly a pickle lover (she tells me Icelanders don’t like pickles…but they eat rotted shark…) but we had fun making the dills together and now when I open a jar I will think of her.

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So today I am trying a new kind of pickles.  Our cherry tomatoes are going production crazy and I have frozen them, used them in salads, used them as a side dish and eaten them as a snack and they are still coming on strong so today I picked some green ones and tried making “Tomolives” which, according to Martha Stewart, are fabulous in martinis.  I’m not much of a martini girl myself but I have some brothers who are martini lovers and will be my test-kitchen panel.  If they turn out to be good, I will know what to do with abundant crops in future years.


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