Passing Along a Little Bit of Family History

GG_Baby_ToysWhen Edda was two years old, she came to Canada for a visit.  As part of the holiday, we travelled to visit Great-Gramma.  I had made a point of making little photo books of Edda for Great-Gramma and when we visited, Edda was fascinated by these little books all about her.

It occurred to me as I watched her look at pictures of herself, that she is a child of the computer age.  All the photos taken of her are digital and as she was only two and not able to use a computer, she never got to see photos of herself.  So I started making books for Edda all about her.

When Edda was visiting Canada, I took lots of pictures of her doing things…watering the garden, finding a bug, sleeping beside the cat, reading books (yes…the book was upside down…) and so on.
After she left for home in Iceland (sniff…sniff…) I found some little photo albums and made some books just for her.

For making the books I used the photos from her trip and some other photos I had, construction paper, glue, stickers and computer printed text.  In creating the text I tried to keep the words simple and appropriate for her age.  As she was almost at the age where she would start to read, I made sure the words were repetitive throughout the books so she could start to recognize them.

GG_Baby_HatI cut the construction paper to 4X6 pieces and the photos a little smaller so the construction paper would be the coloured border.  For each page, I added a couple of stickers to make a theme (stars, fish, watering cans, bugs and so on…something that would go with whatever she was doing in the photo)

For one story called “A Story About Baby Edda and Baby Mommy” I found photos of both Edda and her Mom at a similar age where something in both photos was the same.  This story became a favourite and has been read over and over.  Here are some of the pages from that story to give you an idea of how they were set up.

The really nice thing about making a photo book for a grandchild is that children are very forgiving and so the book does not have to be perfect or look like it was done by a professional.  As long as the book has lots of colour and things to look at, your grandchild will be delighted and you will have created a little bit of family history to pass along.

“Gramma” Catherine

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