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Welcome to Global Grammas!

What’s a Global Gramma you ask?  Global Grammas are Grammas (and Grampas!) who have grandchildren living far away.

I’m Catherine Wayne from British Columbia, Canada, but you can call me Gramma (not Grandmother or Grandma…there’s nothing “grand” about me…)

My only grandchild, Edda Melkorka, is growing up over 5,000 km away in Iceland. By writing this blog I hope to engage with grandparents all over the world and share creative ways we can connect with our grandkids and strengthen ties across the miles.

Grammas have lots of life experiences and wisdom to pass along to grandchildren and I think it’s important to help teach those important life lessons about kindness, caring, respect and generosity.  I like to think of this as part of the legacy I will leave for my granddaughter.

Although my Edda is a continent away, I want to have a positive influence on her daily life and keep her connected to her large Canadian family.  I’ve done all the usual things to stay in contact:  Skype, phone calls, texting and sending parcels.

Searching for a deeper connection, I began creating and collecting ideas on activities, games and crafts that would build memories and improve the quality of time I spend with Edda when she visits – or when we talk on Skype.  Through this blog I’ll be sharing those ideas – and hopefully learning some new ones from other Global Grammas.

Edda Melkorka finds "Too Many Pets"

One of the ways I’ve managed to stay connected with Edda and my daughter Robyn is by writing short stories about Edda and her adventures as she grows up.  What began as a fun way of staying connected, turned into the Edda Melkorka book series.

The first book is entitled, Too Many Pets: An Edda Melkorka Story About Lice.  Yes…Edda got lice at school…a thing that happens to every kid at some point.  The book is about the unique way Edda handled the problem and what she learned from it.

In September 2015 we published our second book, So Many Rainbows: An Edda Melkorka Story About Pride.  It centers on the Reykjavik Pride Parade which is a huge family event in Iceland.

The books have been beautifully illustrated by Cindy Strosser, an independent artist living in Pennsylvania, USA.  Both books are available for sale from Amazon and Barnes & Noble if you’re interested.

BookmakerThese two books have been self-published which has been an adventure!  Writing the stories comes naturally, but all the contract stuff that goes along with publication can be trying and the marketing is well beyond me.  Thank goodness for knowledgeable friends!

The books have brought Edda and me closer together.  She is excited to see her own face in a book and we are collecting a series of photos of Edda with her books as she finds them in book stores.  The first book has been translated and published in Icelandic and she gets to read it to her little sisters who have not yet learned English.  It’s all pretty cool!

Anyway, my plan is to update this site regularly with ideas for other Grammas who want to have a profound effect on the lives of their grandchildren…distant or not.  All these ideas have been Edda tested and Gramma approved!

I also want other Grammas to share ideas so please leave your comments and suggestions.

Good luck to all you Grammas out there!

Remember, it’s our job to love our grandkids unconditionally and pass along our knowledge and traditions to the newest generation.

Until next time…
Gramma Catherine

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