Global Grammas


They covered our story on TV News!

Welcome to Global Grammas! We’re ‘Gramma’ Catherine Wayne and Robyn Phaedra Mitchell, a mother-daughter writing team. We started writing books together to help bridge the distance between our respective homes in Canada and Iceland.

What started as a fun family bonding activity, grew into the Global Grammas movement – an inspirational blog for grandparents, the Edda Melkorka book series on socially sensitive topics, and Global Grammas charitable foundation to help kids that don’t have ‘Grammas’ of their own.

Global Grammas Blog
Check out our blog, a place where grandparents can discover ways to have a profound effect on the lives of their grandkids. We’ve got kid-tested and Gramma approved activities, crafts and recipes plus techno-tips for those separated from their families by distance. Your grandkids are living in a digital world – better get with the program!

Edda Melkorka Book Series
This is the project that started it all! Our children’s book series is inspired by real life kid, Edda Melkorka.  The stories often feature socially sensitive issues gently tackled in a fun and unique way appropriate for children aged 6-9. Two books, Too Many Pets and So Many Rainbows,” are already in print and a third is on the way!

Global Grammas Charitable Work
Not everyone is lucky enough to have a Gramma!  When real life book inspiration Edda Melkorka was given a choice about what to do with book sale proceeds, Edda wanted to help other kids who didn’t have ‘Grammas’. So we’re cooperating with Covenant House in Vancouver and create ‘Gramma-loved’ care packages to help homeless youth.